• Manny, Senegal

    Awesomely ripped!!!
  • Harnish Savalia, New Jersey

    Ben motivates me everyday to stop slackin and start sweating
  • Fasil Max, Manchester

    V good mate!v good!
  • Ellismay Hernandez Ochoa, Venezuela

    The Blueprint are our role model from Venezuela have a big hello and exercise for 17 years old so one day become like yours
  • Royston Tan, Malaysia

    Ben Noy truly inspires me. He inspired me which give me the decision to step into fitness and makes me wanted to attain the body ...
  • Mark-lee Sainti, USA

    I'm a huge fan, everybody want to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger, I told myself I want to get cut and ripped like Ben Noy.
  • Brian Monk, USA

    Ben Noy is my ultimate goal.
  • Shawn Humphrey, UK

    You inspired my lover - she subscribed to your page, which in turn inspires me!
  • Jed Lehner, Germany

    Ben Noy's abs are killing me!
  • Javir Bint-Abdulrahman, India

    I love you <3 - I am your biggest fan!
  • Quinti Yize, Ghana

    A God amongst men, teach us your ways!
  • Ben Porter, UK

    He is my idol, no homo - the real situation!
  • Steve Mast, UK

    You know that Ben is going to get a lot of p*ssy!
  • Cosmo Sleha, Russia

    Ben Noy - holy sh*t, super super lean!
  • Milya Broubik, Slovakia

    Ben Noy is f*cking hot!
  • Emily Ziak, UK

    God damn you're the most shredded guy I've seen
  • Ms. Ahmed, Egypt

    Ben Noy is the best EVER!
  • Elma Sedis, Sweden

    Ben Noy - 1% body fat. God x
  • Phillip De La Tore, Italy

    I want abs like Ben Noy!
  • Indis Haustrian, Norway

    Ben Noy is very special, my idol
  • Houghton Zation, UK

    Ben Noy kicks everyone's arse, most natural perfection
  • Emily Bello, Italy

    Ben Noy, best abs in the world - amazing abdominals!
  • Will Best, UK

    Ben Noy is the man!
  • Hont Vrai, Hong Kong

    Ben Noy is my favourite
  • Showan, Spain

    This guys abs are f*cking sick!
  • Giann Sky, Italy

    This is the 'real' situation!
  • Eric Brandon, UK

    I am so jealous - dude must be a p*ssy-magnet!
  • Johnny Cook, USA

    Ben Noy is the best, he is very handsome I like him.
  • Van Chaos, Holland

    Ben Noy has the body of a God!
  • Mr. King Perfect, USA

    Ben Noy has the best abs hands-down. I'm not gay by the way.
  • Marlo Garza, Columbia

    You are an inspiration and motivator but I must say - apart from your body and face, you have the most amazing eyes!
  • Mouse Sports, USA

    Ben Noy is best!
  • Pulse of Glory, Unknown

    Ben Noy, amazing face and a body that is even better! Not too big, not too small with the best definition
  • Fern Factz, USA

    Ben Noy = Brad Pitt abs in fight club = best abs I've ever seen.
  • Danny Star, Wales

    Holy sh*t! Ben Noy is ecto as f*ck, you can't fault his solid rock abs!
  • Maddie FCD, Ireland

    Ben Noy - perfect body!
  • Poya Hierro, China

    I have fallen in love with Ben Noy's body, simply perfection!
  • Zuc Chini, Italy

    Ben Noy has the best abs I've ever seen, look at the deep lines!
  • Junior Vegan, USA

    Ben Noy is amazing!
  • Vagos Baco, Mexico

    Ben Noy, he has no opponent!
  • Brian Guidan, UK

    You have the physique I'd love to achieve!
  • Rose Valdez, Thailand

    Great physique, awesome abs - best I've ever seen.
  • Karin Harrington, USA

    Wow! Your pictures are my new wallpaper on my phone and computer. Me is very happy!
  • Vishtasp Pajniger, Bangladesh

    You are simply fantastic, amazing body.
  • Alex Daigle, UK

    Read your interview, very very motivation. You're my inspiration
  • Shamir Sheik, India

    I have never seen such a great body, great man, I wish I was like him.
  • Mohsin Safraz, France

    One day I'll be like you!
  • Nelly, USA

    You're so hot!
  • Max Smith, UK

    I don't understand I thought people only have 8 segments of abdominal muscle fibres, you're a God - so jealous!
  • Sophie Gladman, UK

    This guy is absolutely amazing!
  • Kassie Newman-Wright, UK

    Oh my God! You are so fit!
  • Aashish Mishra, UK

    Rocking body, my dream is to be like that!
  • Valtid, Kent

    Thanks Ben, great motivator and role model.
  • Nick Miller, London

    Ben is great I like the results could recommend him too anyone anytime.